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Shin VIP Room!! [English]

http://t2.pixhost.org/show/1954/5207560_001.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/1954/5207562_016.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/1954/5207563_020.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/1954/5207564_021.jpg
(C77) [r.i.s factory (Ruschuto)] Shin VIP Room!! (Dream C Club) [English]
(C77) (同人誌) [r.i.s factory (るしゅーと)] 真・ビップ☆ルームッ!! (ドリームクラブ) [英訳]
26 Pages, 14 MB
Translated by: Wrathkal, Edited by: someone1001
Download: HF

Rabuzome (English)

http://t1.pixhost.org/show/1846/5205599_ex_1002_008.jpg http://t1.pixhost.org/show/1846/5205620_ex_1002_014.jpg http://t1.pixhost.org/show/1846/5205623_ex_1002_015.jpg http://t1.pixhost.org/show/1846/5205625_ex_1002_021.jpg
[Ponpon] Rabuzome (English)
7 MB, 16 Pages
Download: HF

Sengoku de Pon! (English)

http://t2.pixhost.org/show/1947/5194738_saha_sengoku_de_pon_01.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/1947/5194739_saha_sengoku_de_pon_06.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/1947/5194740_saha_sengoku_de_pon_07.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/1947/5194743_saha_sengoku_de_pon_12.jpg/
(SUKAPON-DO [Kagawa Tomonobu & Yano Takumi]) Sengoku de Pon ! (Sengoku Rance)(English)
(スカポン堂 [香川友信 & 矢野たくみ]) 戦国でポン! (戦国ランス)
13 MB, 26 Pages
Translated by SaHa.
Download: HF

More!3 (Evangelion) [English]

http://t1.pixhost.org/show/1843/5191045_0000.jpg http://t1.pixhost.org/show/1843/5191048_0006.jpg http://t1.pixhost.org/show/1843/5191050_0023.jpg http://t1.pixhost.org/show/1843/5191052_0025.jpg
(C70) [Kohakutei (Sakai Hamachi)] More!3 (Evangelion) [English]
(C70) [琥珀亭 (堺はまち)] More!3 (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン) [英訳]
33 MB, 35 Pages
Character: Asuka Langley Soryu
Download: HF

A-four (Evangelion) [English]

(C66) [Nakayohi (Izurumi)] A-four (Neon Genesis Evangelion) [English]
(C66) [なかよひ (いづるみ)] A-four (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン) [英訳]
22 MB, 27 Pages
Character: Asuka Langley Soryu,
Download: HF

A-five (Evangelion) [English]

(C67) [Nakayohi (Izurumi)] A-five (Evangelion) [English]
(C67) [なかよひ (いづるみ)] A-five (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン) [英訳]
12 MB, 25 Pages, Released: 2007-12-31
Character: Asuka Langley Soryu
Download: HF

Slow Step [English]

[Mizui Kaou] Slow Step [English]
[瑞井鹿央] Slow Step [英訳]
47 MB, 187 Pages
Download: HF

STAND BY ME-yako (English)

[STUDIO TIAMAT] STAND BY ME-yako (Tokimeki Memorial 4) [ENG]
[STUDIO TIAMAT] STAND BY ME-yako (ときめきメモリアル4)
17MB, 27 Pages, Released: 2010-08-15
Download: HF

Fukuyama-San. (English)

(Shoot The Moon [Fuetakishi]) Fukuyama-San.
(とら祭り2010) (シュート・ザ・ムーン [フエタキシ]) 福山さん。
20 MB, 31 Pages
Tl: DesuDesu
Download: HF

Monster Hunter Futanari Drill (English – FullColor)

(COMIC1 3) (Man Chin Low [COSiNE]) Monster Hunter Futanari Drill (MONSTER HUNTER)
(COMIC1☆3) (満珍楼 [COSiNE]) モンハンフタナリドリル (モンスターハンター)
11 MB, 30 Pages
Download: HF


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