Hentai Batch

H-Movie, Doujinshi, Images all in one website.


– What is this blog?
A blog to share Japanese stuff. Like Doujinshi, CG’S, H-Games…
This blog is temporary. In the future I’ll pay for an professional WebHosting.

-I need authors for this blog, if you want to post your stuff here let me know

Any questions? Contact me:

-How to find an Doujin by Serie or character?
I always put info on the downloads like that:
(Convention) (CIRCLE [Author]) Title (Parody)
(C71) (UDON-YA [Kizuki Aruchu]) Kyou Dake Desuyo? (Fate/stay night)
Characters: Hatsune Miku, kagamine Rin
So you can find by your favorite author or character using the search on Right-Top –>

– Are You Fucking Kidding Me? I downloaded a game from here and this shit does not open.. :O
-Probably your OS is in English, right?. You cant open a H-Game if your os is in English. -.-
–what I can do to run this game?
Install Japanese font on the Control Panel -> Regional and languages Options or just download Microsoft AppLocale, you can find it on Google.


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