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Sengoku de Pon! (English)

http://t2.pixhost.org/show/1947/5194738_saha_sengoku_de_pon_01.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/1947/5194739_saha_sengoku_de_pon_06.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/1947/5194740_saha_sengoku_de_pon_07.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/1947/5194743_saha_sengoku_de_pon_12.jpg/
(SUKAPON-DO [Kagawa Tomonobu & Yano Takumi]) Sengoku de Pon ! (Sengoku Rance)(English)
(スカポン堂 [香川友信 & 矢野たくみ]) 戦国でポン! (戦国ランス)
13 MB, 26 Pages
Translated by SaHa.
Download: HF


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